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Adult Students

Who is the Training For?

Legal / Mental Health /
Child Protection




Parent Coordinators

Parenting Experts


Social Workers

Police Officers

Parole Officers

Correctional Staff

Sports / Workplace /


Athletic Trainers

Sports Admin & Execs

Sports Board Members





Board Members


What Will We Learn?

Trauma-based coercive control training for legal professionals, psychologists and social workers includes, but is not limited to:

Risk factors

  • what to look for

Effects on victims

  • short & long term effects


  • how victims present when they are abused and traumatized

Institutional betrayal

  • how to avoid contributing to a victim's trauma

Vicarious trauma

  • what it is, why it happens, how to avoid it, how to address it

What will be included?

Recent research 

  • on coercive control, victimology, trauma, institutional betrayal

Real cases 

  • many examples used will be anonymized real cases. 

Victim's stories

  • the effects of inaction & poor decision-making. by authorities.

Step by step guides

  • how to identify abuse (particularly coercive control)

  • how to assess risk factors, severity and frequency

  • how to respond to victims

  • how to address the abuse

  • how to mitigate or prevent abuse (particularly coercive control)


Experiential exercises

  • designed to engage critical thinking.

What are the Training Formats?

Depending on your needs, you may choose a templated program that can be tailored to your specific requirements or together, we can custom design a program specifically for your audience. 

The different formats include but are not limited to:

Lunch n Learn


Template programs that can be presented as is

or tailored to your needs.


Custom designed programs based on your

particular requirements.


Keynote speaking

Conference presentations

Guest speaking


Guest lecturing

Continuing education courses

Certification programs

Refresher courses

Get in Touch Today

The moral and legal duty to ensure safety for your clients, athletes and employees is difficult to fulfill when you don't know the covert signs of coercive control, the risk factors, how to address abuse and how to prevent it. But it can be taught and it can be learned.


Contact Trish today to discuss your training needs. 

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