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Understanding & Identifying Risk

Through comprehensive risk assessments, markers that contribute to abusive environments are identified and analyzed such as such as power imbalances, psychological manipulation, and patterns of control. The aim is to help you identify risk factors early on so that appropriate measures can be taken to protect your employees and prevent future harm.

Mitigation & Prevention

Forensic Coercive Control Solutions goes beyond merely identifying risks. Working closely with you, actionable strategies will be developed to mitigate and prevent abuse within your organization.  The implementation of these tailored strategies will be key in fostering a culture of respect, trust and safety for all parties.

Education is Key

Through our training programs, we equip employees, executives, board members, and other stakeholders with the knowledge and skills they need to recognize, address, and prevent instances of abuse in your organization.

Your Trusted Partner

At Forensic Coercive Control Solutions, Trish approaches each case with compassion, empathy, and a commitment to creating lasting change. By partnering with Forensic Coercive Control Solutions, you can create an environment where employees can thrive without fear or manipulation.

Get in Touch Today

Contact Trish Guise at Forensic Coercive Control Solutions today to learn how she can support your organization's endeavor to create an inclusive, safe and empowering environment for employees, executives, board members and all other stakeholders.

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