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Trish Guise

Divorce Coach

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Trish founded her practice after surviving her own high conflict divorce that spanned over 12 years.

Through first-hand experience with high conflict divorce, post-separation abuse, parental alienation and Cluster B personality disorders, Trish developed a keen understanding of the effect each has on the entire family.


Having studied and worked with many of the world's leading experts in family law, high conflict, post-separation abuse, and parental alienation, it is Trish's mission to help people in high conflict situations by equipping them with as many tools and resources as possible in order to minimize enduring trauma and prevent becoming a targeted parent.

Prior to Trish's high conflict divorce, she was a Senior Human Resources leader for a multinational corporation, a University Business Instructor, Training Facilitator and a Business Coach for over 25 years. Trish's training and consulting experience  include: communicating with high conflict individuals, post separation abuse, parental alienation, and coping with Cluster B personality disorders.

In addition to running her own practice Trish is:

  • an associate at Supporting Wellness psychological & Family Services.

  • a certified New Ways for Families® (NWFF) Coach, trained by Bill Eddy, Esq., co-founder of the High Conflict Institute.

  • he Canadian Ambassador for Contemporary Family Magazine.

  • a member of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).

  • obtaining her certification in Brain Story.

  • a Universal Womens Network™️ Women of Inspiration 2021 Award Nominee 

  • a contributor and feature in Universal Womens Network™️ 100 Women of Inspiration 2021 Book coming Sept 2021.

  • featured in Universal Womens Network™️ Driving Change - Women Seen, Heard, Valued  campaign which celebrates leaders from a variety of industries that make an impact on a local, national and global scale.


Watch for the Driving Change Graphics Trucks from March - Sept 2021 travelling across North America. Stay tuned for dates of Book Signings and Meet the Contributor events in 10 cities across Canada.

Trish has developed a solid and nuanced understanding of the challenges high conflict families face and knows how to employ strategies that work best in those situations.

Trish's experience as an alienated parent, who is married to another alienated parent, allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to benefit her clients.

Trish has a storied history in dealing with 'difficult people' and feels a sense of duty to help others who are experiencing their own type of trauma due to the 'difficult people' in their lives.





Trish Guise is not a licensed mental health professional. Sessions are offered as a parenting coach not as a therapist, counselor, nor any other licensed mental health or legal professional. Any information provided by Trish Guise is in no way intended to be legal advice.