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Criminal Law


Risk Assessments

Risk assessment plays an integral role in ensuring safety of individuals and society as a whole. At Forensic Coercive Control Solutions, recidivism risk assessment services focus on domestic violence offences. Determining the probability of recidivism and the likelihood of future harm can assist you in making informed decisions and taking proactive measure to prevent future harm.

Expert Testimony

As a subject matter expert, Trish Guise is prepared to provide compelling testimony that sheds light on the complex dynamics of coercive control and how they pertain to your case. With extensive knowledge and experience, Trish can effectively communicate key insights to judges, juries and legal professionals.

Forensic Analysis

The forensic analysis Trish Guise provides goes beyond surface-level examination.  experts Trish delves deep into the evidence, uncovering hidden patterns and providing critical insights that can strengthen your case. 

Get in Touch Today

Whether you are part of a legal team, a victim or accused, Forensic Coercive Control Solutions can be instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.


Contact Trish today to discuss your specific needs and how she can assist you.

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