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Family Law

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Litigation Support

Litigation support in divorce cases involving domestic abuse, post-separation abuse or coercive control entails providing comprehensive assistance in managing evidentiary aspects, including collection, categorization, and presentation of evidence and providing expert knowledge and testimony.


In cases involving domestic abuse, post-separation abuse or coercive control, Trish provides assistance to clients and their legal teams manage the evidentiary aspects of their case, including the collection, categorization, and presentation of relevant evidence. Trish also supports clients with drafting affidavits, ensuring accuracy, clarity, to support their claims.

Expert Witness
(Subject Matter)

Acting as an expert witness in the subject matter of coercive control and post-separation abuse involves providing specialized knowledge and testimony in legal proceedings related to these topics. Trish offers insights into the dynamics of coercive control, patterns of post-separation abuse, and the psychological, emotional, and behavioral impacts on victims and their children. When providing expert witness testimony Trish’s aim is to educate the court, assist in assessing the credibility of allegations, and inform decisions regarding protective measures, parenting arrangements and other relevant legal matters.


Recent research highlights the common practice of legal professionals relying on instinct and experience to determine if domestic abuse has occurred or is in risk of occurring in the future. This is a particularly ineffective and potentially dangerous method to discern domestic abuse, particularly coercive control. 

Parenting Plan Evaluations
(formerly called Custody Evaluations)

A parenting plan evaluation is an assessing of the psychological best interests of the child by focusing on parenting capacities and behaviors, developmental needs of the child and the resulting fit. The parenting plan evaluator serves the Court as an impartial expert, rather than an advocate. A parenting plan evaluation is intended to help improve decision making, parenting time and other outcomes for the children involved. This role is forensic in nature and differs from a therapist role in the following ways: Therapist •Patient is the client. •Usually voluntary. •Can relieve suffering. •Relationship basis = therapeutic alliance. •Relationship goal is for client’s benefit. •Broad issues are addressed. •Confidentiality belongs to the client. •Supportive & empathic stance. •Client’s unique view if the focus. •Information gained from the client. Forensic Evaluator •Court is the client. •Not typically voluntary. •Can increase discomfort. •Relationship basis = evaluation & critical judgment. •Relationship goal is for court’s benefit. •Scope of issues is determined by Court order. •Confidentially typically waived for court & between clients. •Neutral & objective stance. •Evaluative relationship.

Work Product Reviews

A work product review is a methodical examination of the merits and shortfalls of a professional’s work product (evaluation). These critiques are limited to the scientific basis nature of the work under review including analysis of application of guidelines and standards, methods and procedures used and research relied upon. They are not meant to solely find fault with another professional’s work.

Domestic Violence Screening & Recidivism Risk Assessment

Crucial to the best interests of the child are screening and risk assessments. 1)screening to identify risk factors, type, severity and frequency of abuse and 2)risk assessments to estimate the degree or risk of future harm to victims and those associated with them (ie. extended family, pets, new partners, co-workers, neighbors). Using various risk assessment tools, Trish can 3)Assessment of behavior in relation to the Homicide Timeline. The results of these risk assessments can be used to: •develop risk management strategies to prevent or mitigate future harm •inform safety planning •determine appropriate legal measures to provide protection •improve consistency and accountability of decision-making processes regarding post-separation abuse, child safety and parenting. Empirically proven risk assessment tools are the most appropriate means of determining the level of risk an individual and associate others face.

Trauma Assessments & Mobility Assessments

The criticality of attunement (how a parent engages with and attends to a child’s needs) along with neuro developmental research, Trish can advise on the implications of cumulative harm can have on a child. When parent relocation is being considered, Trish can provide insight as to the effects the relocation would have on the child.

Parenting Plans & Co-Parenting

Assisting parents in developing parenting plans that prioritize the child's best interests. Co-parenting assistance Guiding parents through the co-parenting process involves providing supportive guidance, practical strategies, and effective communication techniques to help navigate challenges and foster a healthy co-parenting dynamic for the well-being of their children.

Parenting Plan Development 

Creating a child-centered parenting plan is critical for every child. Just as important is developing a plan that is flexible enough to accommodate your the child’s ever- changing developmental needs but structured enough to mitigate disagreements or misinterpretations between the two parents. Trish provides guidance to separated parents in creating comprehensive parenting plans that include responsibilities, schedules, childcare, child rearing, and numerous other elements that most people don’t think to consider in their parenting plans.

Co-Parenting &

Co-parenting guidance involves educating parents on best practice parenting for the varying development levels and needs of their children. Trish helps parents develop co-parenting strategies that are in concert with the best interest of the child even when post-separation abuse and coercive control are present. Practical solutions and customized support for managing the emotional challenges of divorce and post-separation abuse are a vital part of the co-parenting support Trish provides. Step-parenting and blending families is a road travelled best with a guide. Trish can provide support and strategies for blending your new families in a manner that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Pre-Mediation & Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching is specialized support aimed at assisting people navigate the legal, logistical and emotional complexities of divorce, particularly when post-separation abuse and coercive control are a factor. Pre-mediation coaching is designed to provide you with skills, tools and resources for informed decision-making, strategic communication, and emotional resilience before, during and after separation,

Pre-Mediation Coaching

Through in depth discussion you will gain insights into your rights, responsibilities and the various options available to you, enabling you to be well informed during the mediation and/or arbitration process. When well informed you will be in a better position to make decisions aligned with your priorities and values. Pre-mediation coaching will help you understand the implication of your choices, contributing to a more thoughtful and strategic decision-making process during mediation and/or arbitration. In pre-mediation coaching you will learn to identify the pitfalls you may encounter, develop strategies for various scenarios, develop your proposal, prepare responses to potential proposals, learn negotiation strategies, and practice grounding techniques designed to keep you emotionally regulated during mediation and/or arbitration.

Divorce Coaching

The complex dynamics of separation and divorce are compounded by the presence of post-separation abuse and coercive control. Much of what occurs and how one can address the abuse is counter-intuitive. Trish has specialized experience and experience with addressing post-separation dynamics. She can provide assistance to victims as well as legal professionals on addressing post-separation issues. Insightful analysis of legal and emotional aspects of separation and divorce can assist you with informed decision-making. Trish can provide information on legal processes and considerations to allow you more autonomy in your decision-making. If necessary, Trish can collaborate with your lawyer or other legal professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach is being taken in your case involving post-separation abuse.

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Whether you are a family law lawyer, legal professional or a client navigating through a family law matter, Forensic Coercive Control Solutions can be instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.


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