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Meet  Trish

Relationship Literacy

The real battle of divorce isn't over money and parenting time...

it's with the insidious erosion of confidence in your ability to:

a) Trust your judgement as a parent...especially if your ex is undermining or criticizing your decisions.

b) Decide what's best for your family in the long run...

especially if you're afraid for your safety or worried you will be struggling financially.

c) Put your anger & hurt aside when making decisions about what is best for you & your children.

d) Advocate for yourself & your children without fear of retribution or feeling you have to bow to manipulation or scare tactics.

Many are surprised at how ill prepared they are for the onslaught of emotions that arise during a divorce.

It's difficult to prepare for this when you don't know what to expect. 

a) A pivotal moment in any divorce is when a person recognizes that divorce isn't about what is "right" or "fair" but about what you are comfortable living with.

b) A big part of divorce survival is focusing on what you are willing to accept vs. what you feel you deserve.  Embracing this mind shift may be one of the hardest things you will do.

c) This mind shift is possible to achieve through skill building and strategy development as early in the divorce process as possible. 

d) Mastering certain skills and strategies can save you considerable time, effort, agony and money.

With the right support you can learn to:

a) Avoid reacting emotionally when faced with false allegations, manipulation, coercion or threats.

b) Handle power imbalances between you & your ex.

c) Communicate with your high conflict ex in a way that doesn't increase your stress level but still gets the message across. 

d) Efficiently & cost-effectively communicate with your lawyer.


The Goal is to hone your knowledge & competence

in relationship dynamics, in order to better manage them.

I call this type of mastery Relationship Literacy.


Disclaimer: Trish Guise is not a licensed mental health professional. Sessions are offered as a parenting coach not as a therapist, counselor, nor any other licensed mental health or legal professional. Any information provided by Trish Guise is in no way intended to be legal advice.



Communicating with High Conflict People

Navigating the Family Legal System

Advocating for Post Separation Abuse Victims

Staying Connected with Your Children 

Coercive Abuse

What people are saying about Trish

I 'm so grateful to have you in my corner . My lawyer is great but he can't help me navigate my emotions.

He needs me to make decisions and I wasn't able to do that until I started working with you"

Mom in High Conflict Divorce

I hadn't seen my daughter in years and was about to stop trying to reach out to her until Trish came along .


Trish helped me  understand the dynamics at play and  gave me ideas on how to stay connected with my daughter from afar.


Best decision I ever made!

Dad Alienated from his Child

“You help me make decisions with my head not my heart. You've helped  me make sense of my reactions, be aware of my triggers. Now I'm about to get through each day without falling apart. I can sleep better and not feel like my life is destroyed.

Mom in Abusive Relationship

In her perseverance as a true Advocate, she has guided others to find their way through the heartache of divorce, post-separation abuse and the sadness of Parental Alienation.


Trish has already shown herself to be an irrefutable force in guiding emotionally distraught people in the throes of legal abuse enhanced by family court by bringing peace into their lives by giving them positive coping skills to help lead a healthier life.

In her advocacy, Trish has found that through her diligent work in helping others, advocacy has in fact chosen her.

Mary Ann Petri
Author of "Dismantling Family Court Corruption" |
Host of "Slam the Gavel" Poccast

I have come to know Trish to be an amazing, perceptive, and kind woman. Having served as Contemporary Family's Regional Ambassador for Canada, I would like to say that she is truly a leader.


Propelled by her own personal life's experience, Trish has led our efforts both in print on online with creating outlets necessary for those in trauma to find the support, and guidance that others can share.


Trish well represents a dedication to making a difference in the field of child custody and shared parenting.


She cares openly and leads this effort which will soon create new opportunities for our international efforts to be change agents not only in North American, but internationally.

Dr. Mark D. Roseman
Child Custody Expert | National Speaker | Author | Divorce/Life Coach

Trish is a giver.

It is absolutely who she is at her core.


It is no surprise that she is fast becoming a major powerhouse i

n High Conflict Divorce.


It is a particularly challenging specialty that requires many personal skills such as active listening, massive action, empathy, leadership, strength, a deep and true love for sharing her wisdom to minimize the suffering.

Jeunesse Pearson
Counsellor, OKValley Counselling

Navigating separation, divorce & co-parenting is never easy.
Book an appointment with Trish today.



Trish Guise is not a licensed mental health professional. Sessions are offered as a parenting coach not as a therapist, counselor, nor any other licensed mental health or legal professional. Any information provided by Trish Guise is in no way intended to be legal advice.

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