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About Trish Guise MSc MBA

Trish is a behavioral scientist specializing in the psychology of coercive control. Trish holds a Master of Science in the psychology of coercive control, a qualification earned from the sole program in the world that is dedicated to this field. Trish’s academic prowess, coupled with her professional and personal experience, have positioned her as a leading expert in forensic pattern recognition of coercive control and assisting professionals, practitioners, and survivors in identifying, analyzing, and substantiating cases of coercive abuse.

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Trish helped me gain perspective on my ex's behavior & made me realize what I can & can't do about it. I've finally stopped spinning my wheels and can just focus on the things I can control.

J, Ontario

Trish has helped me find ways to reconnect with my daughter without pressuring her and without focusing on the past. Working with Trish was the best decision I've ever made!

B, New York

Talking to Trish is different than talking to anyone else. She just gets it!

Trish is the first person to believe & understand what I'm going through!

B, Nova Scotia

Nobody understood what I was going through other than Trish. She could see how I was being coercively controlled and advised me on how to get my lawyer and the courts to understand too.

A, Alberta

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Whether you are an athlete, coach or sports organization employee, Forensic Coercive Control Solutions can be instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.


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