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Most think the main battle in the divorce process is over money and parenting time.

In fact, the real battle is with the insidious erosion of your confidence in the ability to: ​

  • Trust your judgement as a parent

  • Trust your ability to make the best choices on issues that will have long term effects for your family

  • Come to terms with an outcome that you can live with versus one that you think you deserve


It's easy to underestimate the magnitude of stress that your high conflict divorce will cause:

  • However, early investment in skill building and strategic guidance can save parents time, agony, and money

With proper support, you can learn how to:

  • Avoid reacting emotionally when faced with false accusations, manipulation, and threats from the other parent

  • Learn how to rectify the power imbalance between you and the other parent if you are suffering from post-separation abuse such as financial or legal abuse

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your lawyer



Trish Guise is not a licensed mental health professional. Sessions are offered as a parenting coach not as a therapist, counselor, nor any other licensed mental health or legal professional. Any information provided by Trish Guise is in no way intended to be legal advice.


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