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Why do I need a Divorce Coach if I already have a Lawyer? 

Hiring a lawyer is usually one of the 1st things people do when they want to divorce their spouse.


Hiring a lawyer is a prudent thing to do but most of us do so with  



  •  what a lawyer can and can't do

  • what the divorce process looks like

  • what is expected of you, the client

  • what to look for when hiring a lawyer  


We enter the divorce process completely blind and as a result, we become blind-sided throughout the process.  


We naively believe that our lawyer will provide comfort and reassurance, a sense of calm and direction, protection from emotional upheaval. 

Family Law is more about PSYCHOLOGY than it is about LAW in some respects.


  • trained to focus on LEGAL aspects of divorce

  • specifically how the law pertains to the facts of your case

  • not so much about right vs wrong, nor is it about what's fair...the focus is on the law and the facts

Divorce Coaches

  • trained to focus on emotional/psychological aspects of divorce, which often make up 80% of family law issues. 

  • while also helping you focus on the facts when presenting your case to your lawyer, mediator, parent coordinator or judge. 

Working with a Divorce Coach can save you money in the long run:

a) Divorce Coaches have lower hourly rate.

b) Divorce Coaches keep the process on track to help reduce the cost of needless delays. 

Common complaints people have when they don't have a 

Divorce Coach on their team:

Huge legal bills with nothing to show for it.

"Two years & thousands in legal feels so far, yet I don't even have my ex's full financial disclosure yet. What have I been paying for?"

Slow Progress - it takes way too long to achieve any results.

"At each turn, something always gets delayed. I feel like I'm in a perpetual holding pattern."

"I'm on a constant loop of waiting to hear back from my lawyer, who waits to hear back from opposing counsel, who waits to hear back from my ex. It's insanity"

Difficulty Communicating with Lawyer

"It's like my lawyer doesn't understand or doesn't believe me when I tell them how coercively controlling & narcissistic my ex is. My lawyer doesn't seem to be as concerned as I am about the damage it's doing to my kids." 

"It feels like my lawyer wants me to compromise with my ex instead of advocating for what I am entitled to. Just because I am the more reasonable party, doesn't mean I should have to give up everything to my ex."


"There has to be a better way to do this."

Thankfully, there is a better way to do this...

Work with a

Divorce Coach!

How can a Divorce Coach Help Me?

  • explain each stage of the process

  • help develop a roadmap and strategy.

  • identify options & pros/cons of each.

  • detail pitfalls & issues you may encounter.

  • address concerns re: high conflict, abuse or coercive control 

  • provide referrals to lawyers, financial advisors, therapists

  • provide tools/techniques to de-escalate conflict.

  • accompany you to meetings with your lawyer. 

  • fully prepare you for mediation.

  • alleviate your fears & prepare you for court, if necessary.

  • provide structure, sense of safety, sense of calm & hope.

How Can a Divorce Coach Help

Me Keep My Head in the Game?

Most people say the real battle in divorce is over money & parenting time...but in reality,  what people struggle with the most is loss of control & the loss of confidence.

You start questioning your abilities, your judgement and your sanity, especially if you're afraid for your safety or a victim of coercive control.

You lose trust in your judgement as a parent...especially if your ex is undermining or criticizing your decisions.

You have trouble making decisions. You become overwhelmed at the amount of decisions to be made and the impact they will have on you and your children.

You become controlled by anger and hurt which impacts your ability to make the best decisions for your children.


You feel no one believes you which makes it difficult to advocate for yourself and your children. 

It's difficult to prepare 

when you don't know what to expect...

it's difficult to know what to expect

when you don't have someone to help you prepare.


Divorce isn't about what is 'right' or 'fair.

It's about deciding what you're comfortable living with.

Calm Sea

What Clients are Saying

I'm so grateful to have Trish in my corner. My lawyer's great but he can't help me get my emotions under control. Now I'm able to make decisions & talk to my lawyer without having a meltdown.

Trish helped me gain perspective on my ex's behavior & made me realize what I can & can't do about it. I've finally stopped spinning my wheels and can just focus on the things I can control.

Thank you Trish for giving me my sanity back!

J.A - Divorcing a Difficult Ex

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What Experts are Saying

In her perseverance as a true Advocate, she has guided others to find their way through the heartache of divorce, post separation abuse & he sadness of Parental Alienation.


Trish has already shown herself to be an irrefutable force in guiding emotionally distraught people in the throes of legal abuse enhanced by family court by bringing peace into their lives by giving them positive coping skills to help lead a healthier life.

In her advocacy, Trish has found that through her diligent work in helping others, advocacy has in fact chosen her.


Mary Ann Petri. Author of "Dismantling Family Court Corruption" & Host of "Slam the Gavel" Podcast

Navigating separation, divorce & co-parenting is never easy. Book an appointment with Trish today.