New Ways for Families® (NWFF)

Communication Skills for High Conflict Situations
Certified & Trained by: Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., Co-Founder, High Conflict Institute

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Children First

What is 


is a structured parenting skills method

intended to:


a) Reduce the impact of conflict on children in high-conflict cases.

 b) Teach parents the necessary skills for putting their children 1st.


c) Improve ability to co-parent & make joint decisions...out-of-court.

d) Reduce the need to seek court assistance in making parenting decisions. When parents craft their own agreements, they are more apt to follow them.

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Make Your Own Decisions

How to Use

Decision Making

Be more prepared to make your own agreements in concert with the other parent, whether in mediation or in everyday situations.


Pre-Mediation Coaching

Mediators are trained to remain neutral & assist the parties to make their OWN decisions.  

Mediation is most successful when the parties are able to make joint decisions that are in the best interest of their children, not on their feelings for each other. 


The goal is to be able to successfully co-parent while protecting your child from being caught in the middle. 

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Conflict Resolution Skills

Communication Skills

Flexible Thinking:

Acknowledging there is more than one solution to every problem.

Turning complaints into proposals for future behavior or agreements.


Managed Emotions:

Controlling anger, sadness, fear & anxiety to prevent over-reactions.

Protecting the children from a parent’s extreme emotions.

Moderate Behaviors:

Avoiding extreme actions, language, & parenting requests.

Responding to hostile communications without escalating conflict. ​

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