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Navigating Divorce

Choosing the Best Lawyer
for Your Situation

Choosing your lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make during your divorce.

You need someone with experience with the issues you face and someone who won't ask you to compromise your values or your needs.

Trish can help you determine the qualifications & experience your lawyer needs in order to represent you in the best way possible.

Streamline Communication
with your Lawyer


When emotions are high it is difficult to communicate effectively, but when you are dealing with concepts you haven't dealt with before, it makes things even more difficult.

Legal Jargon:

Lawyers are busy and may not take the time to explain legal jargon and processes to you. Being in the dark prevents you from being an active part in your case and may increase your stress level.  Trish can translate 'legal speak' for you & translate 'emotional speak' for your lawyer.

Meeting with your Lawyer:

Many clients find it difficult to process everything their lawyer says because the client is so stressed.


Understanding the process and the rationale for the process will help you react more rationally to suggestions and be more apt to make decisions based on facts rather than emotion.


Having Trish at the meeting will reduce the chances of you missing information or misunderstanding pertinent information & or misunderstand pertinent details.


Document, Compile & Categorize

Proper documentation, organization and presentation is critical regardless of whether you are self-representing or working wiht a lawyer. 

Providing information in a concise, organized and transparent fashion will increase can be overwhelming and requires a bit of know how.

Trish can help you devise a system to easily document and organize all information necessary for your divorce and afterwards.

Create a Comprehensive Parenting Plan

Trying to co-parent with a high conflict personality is like trying to put a dress on a cat.

Too often people underestimate the importance of a comprehensive parenting plan that clearly delineates how each parenting issue should be handled.

Having an iron clad parenting plan is one of the best ways to conflict when dealing with parenting issues.

Trish can help you craft a plan that:

(a) suits your family's needs

(b) accounts for your child's developmental stages, and

(c) requires the least amount of interaction between the parents as possible.

The plan should endeavor to address all potential parenting issues to avoid misunderstandings & conflict.

The plan should provide enough flexibility to allow for the child's developmental growth but not enough to cause confusion.

Preparation for 
Mediation, Arbitration, Parent Coordination or Court.

The prospect of going to mediation, court, parent coordination or reunification therapy, is enough to make anyone want to run the other way. 

If you're dealing with a high conflict individual, going to mediation, arbitration, court or any type of counseling can be hell on earth.

If you've been a victim of abuse, you run the risk of not presenting well in court and your abuser stands a good chance at looking like the better parent.

It's vital to learn how to emotionally regulate yourself especially when faced with false allegations. You must present yourself in a calm and regulated manner.

Trish can teach you what to prepare for and how to respond.

Let Trish guide you through your divorce, book an appointment today! 

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