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Step-Parenting &
Blended Families

Step and blended families present a unique set of issues and

potential problems that can be difficult to navigate. 

Special attention must be given to stepfamilies and blended families

because these situations require more adjustment, more communication, more understanding...more of everything!


Most families, regardless of their structure simply do as they know.

They do things they way they've always done them.

This may be adequate for original families, but this method can create problems for step and blended families.


We typically use the same roadmap for our 2nd marriage that we did for our 1st, and likewise we do the same for parenting.

The problem with that method is it is like using a map of New York to navigate the streets of Paris.

Step-Parent feels like an Outsider or Feel Invisible

Step-parents often feel like an outsider because children naturally gravitate towards their original parent.


Add to this the fact the children and the original  parent have a history that the step-parent wasn't a part of. 


Parent feels like stuck as an Insider & feel torn:

Parents can feel torn between the needs of their children and the needs of their new spouse. 

They feel stuck in the vortex of "if I please one, I end up hurting the other".


When the child enters the room it's typical for the parent to turn to the child, thus turning away from the step-parent.


When they turn towards their partner, they end up turning away from their children. It feels like a No Win situation!

They can begin to feel resentful because they feel they always have to choose between the important people in their lives. 

Do you struggle with balancing your relationship as a couple

& your relationship as parent and step-parent?


Are you baffled at how to carve a role out for yourself as a step-parent?

Do you feel like an insider or an outsider and are unsure how to move forward?


If any of these questions plague you, contact Trish,

Trish can help you better understand the issues at play and work towards building a family that is built on mutual love, trust and respect despite the intricacies of blending multiple families into one. 

Being a Step-Parent or having a Blended Family isn't for the weak.
Book an appointment with Trish for help.

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