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Pre-Mediation Coaching

How do I prepare?   

What should I expect?

Will mediation work?  

What if it doesn't work?

What if my ex is high conflict?

Who decides what is on the agenda?

Can someone else do the talking for me?


If you're asking any of these questions,

Pre - Mediation Coaching may be for you.


If you want to:

Understand the Mediation process.

Learn what everyone's roles are.

Know the components of agreements.

Prepare proposals & counter-proposals.

Master negotiating without emotion.

Pre - Mediation Coaching may be for you.

As a certified

New Ways for Families® Coach

Trish will guide you through

Bill Eddy's proven methods of communicating with high conflict individuals to help you negotiate and communicate without emotion.


Imagine walking into Mediation:


Emotionally regulated

Knowing what to expect

Fully prepared with a plan & proposal

Ready to negotiate

Imagine reacting rationally instead of emotionally when your ex:

Tries to intimidate you

Unjustly blames you

Refuses to accept responsibility

Keeps bringing up the past

Engages in "all or nothing" thinking

Not only is all of that POSSIBLE...

it may even be PROBABLE

with Pre-Mediation Coaching.

6 P's of Planning

Prior Proper Planning

Prevents Poor Performance

Goals of Pre-Mediation Coaching

Understand the mediation process.

Construct appropriate proposals.

Develop strategies for overcoming fears & perceived barriers.

Employ logical decision-making rather than emotional.


De-escalate conflict.

Counteract unproductive tactics the other party may employ.

Arrive at Mediation prepared & confident. Book an appointment with Trish today!

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