What is Pre-Mediation Coaching?

How do I prepare?   

What should I expect?

Will mediation work?  

What if it doesn't work?

What if my ex is high conflict?


If you're asking any of these questions,

Pre - Mediation Coaching may be for you.



As a Certified New Ways for Families®  (NWFF) Coach, Trish can educate you on the:

  • process & steps in the mediation process

  • various components of agreements

  • 4 skills for negotiating with your high conflict ex.

Imagine yourself walking into mediation:


  • feeling confident


  • feeling in control


  • knowing what to expect


  • prepared with your plan & proposal


  • armed with skills to handle your difficult ex

This can be possible even if you're faced with any of the typical tactics high conflict people like to employ such as:

  • intimidation

  • unsubstantiated blame

  • refusal to take accountability

  • dredging up the past

  • rigid, all or nothing thinking.

6 P's of Planning

Prior Proper Planning

Prevents Poor Performance

Goals of Pre-Mediation Coaching

a) Understand the stages & the process of mediation. 

b) Proposal Development

c) Develop strategies for overcoming fears & perceived barriers.

d) Adopt decision making using logic rather than emotion. 


e) Utilize the 4 skills from New Ways for Families® to de-escalate conflict & counteract the tactics your high conflict ex may employ. 

Let's get you one prepared, ready & confident for your mediation. Book an appointment today!